Majestically Messy

Nata: Kazi! Don’t you dare move!

Kazi: What the fuck are you yelling about now?

Nata: You read my journal!

Kazi: Really? Please go away little girl. I have more important shit to do than argue with you about nonsense.

Nata: Fuck that! Why were you going through my shit!?

Kazi: Number one, I didn’t go through anything and number two, I don’t have the patience for childish antics.

Kiev: Nat, just let it go. You probably just left it open. Chill the fuck out!

Nata: Shut it, Ki! I’m not talking to you.

Kiev: You are such a brat.

:Nata: Whatever. Stay away from my shit, EVERYBODY.

Kazi: No problem Natalia. Now move.

*Nata is a spoiled little drama queen if you haven’t noticed. I will be having a little side snippet of a story when I do my lookbook challenges :) *

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