jessdoessims replied to your photoset “I got bored at 3 am and put on makeup. I don’t really wear makeup so…”

you’re gorgeous :D your smile has the power to brighten the whole room, it just makes me happy seeing this photo. i sound creepy, but i really am not (i hope) hehe

D’awww thank you lovey and don’t worry I think creepy is cool lol. :D

I got bored at 3 am and put on makeup. I don’t really wear makeup so this was fun for me lol

You get lost in Youtube? I do that allll the time.

Yes I do! I get lost all the time because I get distracted A LOT lol

» I’ve been on Youtube too long I had no idea it was almost 1 am.

This always happens :/

amyssexysims replied to your photoset “Now that you’ve seen the craziness that is my life you sure you want…”


OuO I knows :’)

thevelouriumcamper replied to your post “thevelouriumcamper replied to your post “thevelouriumcamper replied to…”

They can just be immortal:)


remysims replied to your photoset “Now that you’ve seen the craziness that is my life you sure you want…”

(っ °Д °;)っ umm what do you mean “The End’ like The End of this chapter or The End of the hole story…it’s not the 2nd one I know cause they didn’t have no baby or get married plz no you and your The Ends 1st Last Chance now this ಥ_ಥ

I am sad to say that is the end :( I never planned to have this one run very long, it was more of a short story where as Last Chance ran for a year over Bri and Jay’s life, Gray Skies was only about that summer :)

I loves you tho I promise! And you’ll still see them. I can’t jut give my babies up like that lol


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It’s been 84 years and I’m finally uploading this TS3 conversion of the TS2 hair “Rosettes”. Available for females - for toddler—elder. Poly count is 1344.



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ninisims replied to your photo “Mother and Daughter <3”

Even tho the story is over, I hope we see more of these kinds of photos :)

Oh I’m sure I’ll take pics of them! They are just to cute not to lol

Mother and Daughter <3

"Now that you’ve seen the craziness that is my life you sure you want to continue to be a part of it?" her eyes lowered feeling his gaze on her.

"You are silly you know that? What makes you think I wouldn’t want t be a part of it? Hmm?" He tilted her chin up so her eyes were on him, "You and your family are great. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So if it’s all the same to you, I’m staying right where I am thank you."

She played with the soft hairs near his neck and his crooked smile appeared on his face, "That’s good. That’s really good." he ran his thumb over her lips before covering them with his.

She felt herself becoming warmer as he held her tight and everything seemed to clear around her.

She was’t sure where her life would taker her now. To be honest, she didn’t really care. The one thing she did know is that the sun is always shining behind the clouds. 

The End.

After soaking themselves and hearing the thunder begin to roll through the sky they headed back towards the house to get dry and out of the incoming storm. When they rounded the corner to the front door she saw him standing there, waiting for them. 

"Kris!" Mika yelled as she ran full force at him. She jumped up and into hi arms, hugging him tight as she laughed in his grip, "What are you doing her?"

"Well I came to see how you and your mom are doing. You haven’t been running off again have you?" she shook her head an he smiled at her, "Good," he hugged he again and whispered in her ear making sure Grayson couldn’t hear them, "You need to stay here and keep an eye on your mom, she needs you, ya know. More than you realize."

Mika glanced back at her mom and smiled at her, "I know." she jumped down out of Kris’s arms and opened the door to their building, “I’m gonna go watch t.v.”

"Take those wet clothes off first, baby." she saw her nod and then she disappeared into the building.

They stared at each other for a moment. Not sure what or if they should say anything. They hadn’t really talked since that night but they were both happy to see each other again, "So."

"So." she walked closer, her hands playing with the bottom of her sleeves, "You’re wet." She pulled at his damp shirt and another low rumble came from the sky.

"I know. Come here." he pulled her into him, her sweater wetting his t-shirt even more, "That’s better."

She draped her arms over his neck, "Much better."


She watched her daughter’s little legs carry her down to the shore. She jumped in splashing water all around her and scaring the sea creatures that swam around her. Small fish, startled by the excited little girl in the sea.

Mika had grown s much since the beginning of the summer. They had grown so much. She never thought things would turn out the way they did. Her divorced and trying to connect with the child she gave life to. She never knew it would be this hard but she also knew that it was all worth it in the end. 

Grayson heard Mika’s laughter all the way back at the house and it brought a smile to her face. She closed her eyes and let the salty air fill her nose before she stood to join her daughter in the water.

thevelouriumcamper replied to your post “thevelouriumcamper replied to your post “Stopping by to tell you I…”

Just… Turn aging off and age the kids when you want!

I could do that couldn’t I >:) Hmmmmmmm