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So I have to write a statement about my choice of major for my masters program

I’m freaking out because I am so scared of what I’ll write and I won’t get in. I just don’t know  what to say besides the obvious but I don’t want to sound fake. Omg alright rant over.




I don’t normally take requests or suggestions, but when someone approached me about some simple sitting poses to use in things like weddings and funerals, I thought why not?

There aren’t too many out there from what I know of, anyway.

Set includes two female, two male, and two child, one a bit more poised than the other, and two bonus poses for mama and baby. Their expressions are pretty neutral, slight smiles but nothing too obvious should they be used in a more somber occasion.

Somethings to consider when using. Cutting is one, clearly, sims who use custom body sliders should expect different results. For the men, if you use Bloom's muscle slider ( and/or Jonha's shoulder width slider ), to better adjust the hands make full use of the shoulder twist and arm twist sliders. I did adjust the upper skirt node for the lady poses, but avoid certain dresses with fuller or lengthier skirts to achieve the best results. This applies to the child poses as well, since the one with the hands on the lap will either cut through bigger dresses, or be swallowed up.

I also suggest you download this mod when posing sims using height sliders. It has a Move option to minimize floating.

  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_1
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_2
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_3
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_4
  • image c_noelyely_simplesit_5
  • image c_noelyely_simplesit_6



  • a_noelyely_simplesit_bonus1 ( mommy ) p_noelyely_simplesit_bonus2 ( baby )

List and No List included in download, only install one.





A conversion from Lollypop Chainsaw.

I made her shoes for Sims 3 because I liked the leg warmers on them. Very cute.

FOR : YF/AF. MORPHS : all. LODS : all.





————————Makeup Set————————-

Hey guys! It’s a long time since I’ve never shared my cc. So I think is time for sharing something with all my lovely friend <3

Well, this set includes three make up. Face shine, eyebags and lipstick. You can see all the details in the second picture. I think they can help sim look more closer to real people. If you use them, please tag me, I’d love to see your result! :)

  • Work for T-Y-A-E, both genders.
  • Package & Sim3pack included.
  • Please do not re-upload or claim as your own.

Download: mega | dropbox



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I learned to just save copies of the families I usually use for those things to my bin and move them to a CAS world. Atleast the wait time’s a lot shorter :) Sometimes that’s still not good enough though x)

I do too which is why it’s extra ass lazy lol

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lmao yes! It’s not so much difficult as it is tedious. Gotta load the game, wait for everything to render, then you have to type it all in manually, and it just feels like such a chore. It’s just… ugh! XD

exactly this!!!! I wouldn’t mind if I could do it in some program outside of the game but I cant so it sucks and I hate it lol

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I feel this on so many levels lol

I’m sitting here like, I can easily just take this pics but I’m entirely too lazy to do it. I would much rather waste time on random unnecessary things lol UGH

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I need to stop being a lazy shit and take pics for these fuckin poses

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"I haven’t talked about this in a long time. Over ten years actually." she wiped the tears from her eyes and she cleared her throat.

"You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. It’s okay Jo." he half hoped she wouldn’t. The less he knew the better at this point. He had a job to do but if she didn’t tell him, he couldn’t finish it. He knew her silence was the only way for her to stay unharmed.

"No, I want to. It’s been so long I need to let it out," he nodded and she continued, "He saw me head to the back to use the washroom and thought I was Elle. I didn’t understand what was happening when he pulled me into the empty bedroom but when I saw it was Trevor I pushed him away. He just kept coming back, saying thins like, 'It's okay baby, we won't get caught.' and 'Come on this isn't the first time' that’s when I knew he thought I was Elle,” her eyes lowered the more she spoke, “That’s when I told him I was Jo and that he needed to go. Then, I’ll never forget it, he looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'That's alright. I always did want to know how identical you two were.'

Damion’s hands balled up, rage running through his veins, “Did he-“

"No, but he tried. I’Chelle came looking for him and walked in on him on top of me. I was so scared I couldn’t talk and by the time I gathered my wits he had told her I tricked him into thinking I was her."


"Yeah and she believed him. It wasn’t the first time I’d pretended to be her but I would never do something like that. I did have a stupid crush on him before they started dating so I guess she thought I still did, I don’t know. She wouldn’t listen to me though. They broke up and I haven’t really spoken to her since then, and we went to separate colleges."

"Your parents?"

"They didn’t really have a side. It’s hard to pick one child over the other but they did favor her more than me. Little things that I don’t think they realized they did. Praising her for good grades or her acceptance to her ivy league university, while a mere ‘good job Jo’ or nothing was all I got."

"I don’t think they meant it that way." he hand laid on her back rubbing away her tension.

"I know, it was just hard to live through, especially after what happened."

"What happened in college?" his question caught her off guard as she turned to him, “You said you almost got kicked out because of something?”

"Oh, well I sort of, kind of made a small business. Basically, girls paid me to try and see if their boyfriends had a wandering eye," his eyebrow raised and she let out a strained laugh, "Yeah. It was one of the stupider things I’ve done but I did it for the money. One girl got upset and we got in a fight, police were involved and let’s just say you don’t fuck with the Dean’s daughter."

"Wow. You have a way of meeting all the wrong people don’t you?"

"Yeah, well I’m glad things have changed," she rested her hand on his chest, lightly tracing the red tattoo.

Damion’s hand wrapped around her, a feeling of guilt coming over him as he hugged her close, "Yeah, me too."

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She stared up and out into the setting sun, "I’Chelle was always more popular than me. She had the talent, she had the charisma. I was very quiet as a kid."

Damion scoffed and sat down next to her, setting his watering can next to the bench, “I find that hard to believe. You seem very outspoken to me.”

"Yeah well, when I was a teenager, I wasn’t. I let Elle do the talking. She was a lot more well spoken than I was," she rubbed her arms as the afternoon breeze began to pick up, "Anyways, she’d invite me to go with her when her friends would invite her out. I never said yes, mostly because I was shy but one night I decided to go to this party with her. It was a Halloween party. Me and Elle decided to go as the doublemint twins,” she laughed recalling their outfits, "Elle designed and sewed the costumes and I did our hair and makeup. It was perfect." Damion watched her light up as she thought about that night.

"So, did you enjoy yourself?" he asked as her laughter subsided.

Jo licked her lips and shook her head, "Not as much as I thought I would," she turned towards him, her eyes sullen, sad, "Elle had a boyfriend, Trevor. He was cute. Very cute, very popular. He was the smartest kid in our entire graduating class. Got perfect scores on his SAT and ACT. He was destined for greatness, that’s what people said," she bit her lip and looked out at the scenery, "He was an asshole and as it turned out, an alcoholic at the ripe old age of 17." 

"Damn. So what he got drunk and made out with the wrong twin?" he laughed at his joke but when he saw the look on her face he stopped, feeling like an idiot for even suggesting it, "Shit, sorry."

"No, you’re not entirely wrong, just… he didn’t stop there." her hands cradled her head as she remembered, feeling the tears desperate to break free, "Fuck"

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She took a seat at the railing, looking out over the rooftop, "It’s pretty up here,"  she glanced back over to him, watching his water the wilting plants, "You’re not very good at this gardening thing huh?" she giggled when he splashed some water over her feet.

"I don’t see you helping."

"Okay, okay. I’ll shut up." 

"Thank you." he spread the water over the leaves.

They sat there quietly for a few moments, only the sound of water hitting the thirsty dirt beneath the plants to be heard. Jo watched him, racking her brain about the last time they spoke at the club. She never talked about what happened back then. She knew she should but she never felt like she could, without being judged or not believed. He was different though. She felt it the moment he asked her the question so many had asked before. She felt… safe.

"When we were younger, me and my sister, you couldn’t tell us apart," She fiddled with her fingers and the sound of water stopped running, "Not even our parents. It was funny most of the time. We’d fool our teachers, our friends. It was great," her voice trailed off and she lowered her head, "Until it wasn’t."

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"Yeah I do." He pulled her towards him, wrapping his arm around her waist and pressing his lips to hers. She hesitated for a moment before inviting him in, her arms squeezing him tight as he kissed her with more passion than earlier. It was raw, pure and when he lifted his head he looked her square in the eyes, "Do you feel me?"

All she could muster was a nod. She saw the truthfulness in his eyes then, just as she did before. When he released her he turned towards the door, “Where are you going?” 

"To water the plants, you can come if you like." he turned to face her a cute confused look on her face, making him laugh, "What?"

"You’re going to go water plants in yo draws. Really?"

"They’re on the roof. No one cares anyway, plus it’s my fuckin house. You comin’ or would you like to wait for me in here?" she pondered his question and decided on going. For someone so used to being alone, she was starting to hate the feeling more and more, "Let’s go then," he pushed the front door open and gestured for her to exit, "After you."

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She saw a hint of frustration in his eyes, so different from the face she saw only moments ago in bed. Something was weighing on him, "You alright? Did something happen while I was sleep?" she glanced over at the phone then back to him.

"No. Not really, just dealing with work. People irritating me, the usual," He grinned at her assessing her attire, "You’re wearing my clothes now? Have we gotten that far in our relationship?"

Her eyebrow lifted with his choice of words, very peculiar, "Uh, well I figured you wouldn’t mind, you don’t seem to wear them anyway," he moved closer tugging the soft fabric, "I thought someone should." his scent invaded her nostrils and she looked away as her cheeks burned red.

"You look good in it. Out of it too." his hand softly ran down her exposed arms, tickling her skin, "What’s wrong?" he asked, her head shaking.

"You are just… interesting is all." she bit her lip in response to his rhythmic touch.

"What do you mean?" he removed his hand and brought her eyes to his, gently tugging her chin upward, “Jo?”

"Is this just a fling or do you see this as something more… I don’t know, meaningful."

"I don’t do anything on a whim. I like you, obviously, or do I need to show you again just how much I do." he cupped her face in his hands and she smiled before removing them.

"I understand that but you can like someone without caring about their feelings. I know. I’m a pro at it." her head hung low as she spoke to him, "I’m just wondering if I should keep myself in check. I don’t want to get involved with someone who isn’t on the same page." her eyes darted back up to his, "You feel me?"

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Jo woke soon after he made his departure from the room. She heard his voice muffled as he spoke to someone and rummaged to find a shirt to throw on. She grabbed one of his discarded ones and tossed it over her head before exiting the room. 

No one was around but she noticed he small black phone sitting on his counter top, "Ya know," she spoke, startling him, "When people take calls away from others, it’s usually something fishy," he turned to face her, a smirk plastered across her face, "You have a secret, Old Man?"

Damion ran a free hand over his locs, pushing them back over his shoulder, "Doesn’t everyone?"

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So I can’t sign into my fucking email account for some strange unknown reason.


I went to try and reset my password since it wasn’t accepting my real one and I can’t because some unknown fucking email address is my back up email and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS!

Now I’m on hold with Yahoo online because I can’t send them a fucking email AND I’VE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 10 MINS WITH RECORDINGS. I just want to check my fucking mail omg.

20 mins now

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